Headline: Krystal Forscutt has the balls to retire from modeling. She has traded life in the fast lane to become… happy.

We all know Krystal Forscutt from the reality show Big Brother in 2006. She also had several guestings in other TV shows and of course, she was famous for her life as a model.

Krystal had several other appearances aside from TV particularly in a country music video, Hollywood film, and even in popular a car racing video game. None of these though could ever compare to ‘Krystal in the cover of the magazines’. Modeling for men’s magazines has gotten her started and it’s what also made her rich and famous. She had regular appearances in Zoo Magazine as well FHM and Ralph. Krystal was only – the highest paid model in Australia.


Did She Enjoy Her Career?

Yes I think she did – but then not so, not really. Who wouldn’t enjoy that kind of social life getting invitations to all sorts of celebrity events and elite parties, right? But then in the long run, you’re also just tired sick of it. “I have some good memories, and some bad,” she says in one interview with Herald Sun. She states that it seems like it never happened, 6 years after her big break in Big Brother. “I got to a point where I was completely over it,” she said. “It was not mentally stimulating by any means and I was not content in my life,” said Krystal. I somehow get her. It probably felt like a whirlwind with all that publicity, and then suddenly deciding to stop.


Krystal Forscutt – Dreams And Ambitions

With her prominent fake breasts, you would think at first that Krystal’s only (narrow) dream was to become famous. (We all have to admit that a ridiculously sexy body is a sure ticket to fame). But this is actually not the case because Krystal had dreams beyond modeling bikinis. Although she had 20 front magazine covers under her belt (a number that is more than twice than other models have achieved), she felt that she could still develop her skills beyond modeling. True enough, Krystal enrolled in acting lessons as well as in a singer-songwriter course with the hopes of broadening her horizons.


Krystal Forscutt As A Big Screen Actress And Music Artist

When she retired from modeling – at a young age of 23 – Krystal announced that she wants to be challenged, hence, she tried cracking the world of acting. She did go to Hollywood and landed some roles but in 2010, she went back to Sydney. She also spoke with people from Herald Sun proclaiming that she was part of a music group or a band called “Video Girl” and was already preparing for gig shows – in fact she said they already recorded their debut album set to be released in 2011 – but sad to say that also didn’t come to full fruition.


Where Did Krystal Go? Where Is Krystal Now?

Krystal ForscuttWell, we’re all gonna miss this girl, but let’s all just be happy for her. Krystal got engaged in 2010 and is now managing the Newlife Health Club, her fiancé’s gym, and doing something that she is really passionate about – being a fitness personal trainer. It took her time to realize that it was okay for her to stop her famous career and feel more at ease with herself as she starts living a contented normal life. What I admire most about Krystal Forscutt is that she has the guts to chase her dreams – not just to become one of the sexiest and most famous women out there – but to settle down and actually become happy.