Sexy, sizzling hot, beautiful are just some of the top few words that I can use to describe Krystal Forscutt, an Australian model who got so popular for her sexy poses in men’s magazines. After her stay inside the Big Brother house as a housemate in 2006, her sexy photos spread virally on the internet and on several magazines. After a year of being inside the Big Brother house, she also appeared on It Takes Two as a TV show contestant.


Krystal Forscutt As A TV Actress/ Personality

Krystal became a regular guest in the Benny and Richie show and in January 2008 she also appeared in a Seven Network’s Packed to the Rafters episode. Krystal also appeared in the music video of Guns and Guitars song by Steve Forde.


Krystal Forscutt In Need For Speed: Prostreet

Need for Speed: Prostreet is a famous car racing video game series of the Need for Speed. Our dear sexy Australian model Krystal got introduced in this game as a starting Race Flag Girl. In my opinion, Krystal is the first hottest “REAL” girl in the gaming world. This may have been her best achievement which could have gotten her recognized internationally.


Men’s Magazine Pictorials

Krystal ForscuttMore outstanding photos were created by those big Men’s Magazine companies when they finally had Krystal as a model for their magazines. In the past few years, Krystal has really become an apple of the eye for those big magazine companies – because of her perfect figure, a perfect figure that no real man can resist. Hers is the kind of figure that the lenses of the cameras are constantly hungry for.

Krystal modeled in men’s magazines like Ralph, Zoo Weekly and FHM. She also had some modeling experiences with other more conservative magazines that know the true meaning of sexiness and beauty.

Things We Remember about Krystal:

* Born July 12, 1986. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

* She’s from Batemans Bay, New South Wales

* She’s an Australian Model

* She was a Big Brother contestant in 2006

* She became famous through Big Brother Australia

* She was a part of a singing girl group

* She is the highest paid model of Australia

* She appeared virtually in Need for Speed: Prostreet

* She appeared on the Guns and Guitars music video

This kind of woman is definitely the biggest dream of every man (and inspiration to most women). Although there are many beautiful women around the world, to have a girlfriend or a wife as hot as our dear Australian babe, in the end, no other woman can compare to Krystal. Fake or not, her beauty is real.

If I were a professional photographer, I would love to challenge myself to the limits on how I’d be able to shoot beautiful photos of her so I’d be able to make known to the whole world that particular type of Australian beauty and perfect body she possesses. Although her fame may not have lasted out of her own choice, Krystal Forscutt would always be that girl, that simply amazing model that most men don’t only fantasize about but also adore.