Krystal Forscutt – a model, TV star, reality show contestant and a fitness instructor all rolled into one. This Australian woman was born on July 12, 1986 in South Wales. She worked her way to stardom by doing modeling and acting. She portrayed several starring roles on different TV shows, including the hit reality TV show Big Brother. Also working as a fitness trainer and having her own gym, Krystal tried different things to earn a living. With different people from show business seeing her work, she was offered several projects on TV.


Reality Tv Contestant – Krystal Forscutt

Young and pretty is what Krystal is all about. She became a part of the many contestants of the Big Brother franchise in Australia which was aired in 2006. She also starred in an Australian show, “It takes Two”. Her talent in acting was then seen by many people which made her being admired by many.


Main Career Is Modeling

Men’s magazines became a part of Krystal’s life. She did many bikini photo shoots because of her nice figure and pretty face. These bikini photo shoots led her to become popular and be seen as a potential character for a computer game. She became the first Australian to be a character in a computer game. Her character is one of the girls at the start of the car race.


Krystal Forscutt As An Actress

Regular guesting on a TV show in Australia was her big break. This happened in January 2008. October of 2008, Krystal starred in another TV series. The following year, she appeared in one of the music videos of an Australian Music Icon. Hoping to become more famous, she moved to Melbourne to pursue her career. July 29, 2010 is another break for Krystal because she was given another TV role.


Career In Music

Krystal ForscuttYear 2010 was another break for Forscutt because that was the time she launched her new all-female group named “Video Girl”. Preparing for shows and gigs after recording their first album, 2010 became a busy year for her. The following year would have been a great year for Krystal as she continues to become the DJ and singer of the group, but unfortunately the group did not pursue their music career.

The career of Forscutt had been a stepping stone to stardom but since it was not managed well, things did not come out the way she expected it to be. She is indeed a talented person and she could have made her way to Hollywood. After a few years of not getting any project, Forscutt decided to move back to Sydney and build her own fitness gym. She is now working as a Fitness Trainer. Her talent and capabilities can be more than what she has to offer. She will definitely have her way back to stardom if given the chance. Now that Krystal Forscutt is focusing on her fitness career, it is also a great investment for her to maintain her body which is loved by many men’s magazines in Australia.