Krystal Forscutt – is a name very well known in terms of sexiness. She is one of the hottest Australian babes that had really caught my (and every guy’s) attention. This girl named Krystal, with a vital statistics of 36 – 23 – 33 made it on a lot of men’s magazines and almost impressed the entire world using her charms and of course, her sizzling hot body and its stunning features.  She had made a lot of guys drool.


Biography Of Krystal Forscutt

Krystal was born July 12, 1986 in New South Wales, Australia with the zodiac sign of Cancer. She became famous and initially formed up her good career as a housemate of the reality TV show Australian Big Brother. Krystal is believed to be one of the most successful Big Brother housemates in Australia. Her popularity as a housemate caused her photos to spread on almost every men’s magazines like FHM, Zoo Weekly, and Ralph.


Modeling Career

Krystal regularly appeared in the Australian men’s magazines as a professional model. I just realized that the inventor of the bikini is so amazing because he figured out that a girl named Krystal will be born and will wear the bikini he invented so that she could flaunt away her tight and hot body in it. Yep, Krystal succeeded in making most guys drool (and I guess it includes me). She is also the very first Australian to have a character role in one of the most famous racing games around, the Need for Speed: Prostreet.

After she appeared in the Zoo magazine as a bikini model, the staffs of the electronic arts approached and asked Krystal to appear in the Need for Speed game and obviously, she said ‘yes.’ Krystal flew to the headquarters of the Electronic Arts studio in Vancouver Canada where she was filmed and photographed for the graphic artists who would create her character, an awesome Starting Girl character in the game.


Musical Career Of Krystal Forscutt

Krystal had spoken to Herald Sun regarding her upcoming music ventures. She shared stuff about her being part of a group of girls collectively called Video Girl. The group had already recorded its debut album and were preparing for their gigs. The said girl group was supposed to have released their music last 2011.

According to reliable sources in the music industry, Krystal’s career in the music scene had ended early all because she went back to Sydney Australia to run a gym in Caringbah. Krystal qualified as her own manager and personal trainer of the said gym. Somehow, I really don’t belong to the gym but Krystal makes me want to pay huge amounts of money just to have her as my personal trainer.


Krystal Clear Success

Krystal ForscuttCutting the story short, I really admire Krystal – a successful girl in terms of being an actress, sexy model, and manager of a famous gym in Australia. I know that most men who have seen her real beauty up close had also never forgotten who she really was. Krystal was a fearless beautiful woman who knows how to show her amazing curves in the lenses of the camera. I’ve only appreciated the real meaning of sexiness after I’ve encountered Krystal Forscutt, the Australian sizzling hot babe – I mean – who knows what she could offer next?