Krystal Forscutt, Australian bombshell – I’m sure you’ve heard about her. Krystal is not just a hot sexy model for men’s magazines; she’s also a TV star, actress, and –– manager?

This hot babe’s stardom started when she joined the reality TV Australian Big Brother as a contestant. We all know that people who join Big Brother are often just regular people but who, if lucky, could get a shot at fame and ahem, money, once discovered of having that special quality. For Krystal, this ‘special quality’ may have been her body, or more precisely – her big breasts.


Controversial Implants

Yes, at first, Krystal’s breasts were not just popular but also controversial. She slowly worked it out though as one of the sexiest most talented models in Australia. During her stint in Big Brother, it was revealed that she had her breasts ‘done’ at a very young age and of course, people had their eyebrows raised and worried that she may be setting a very negative example to young ladies having issues with their bodies. We all know that cosmetic surgery is not such a very good thing especially to young girls. And we’re not just talking about its possible damaging effects to the body; more importantly, girls could get the signal that the only way to be recognized (and loved by boys) is if you have beautiful big bulbous bosoms.


Krystal Forscutt – Not Just All Boobs

Krystal had a great career in terms of modeling (she’s not just boobs after all). Even before she became a ‘housemate’, she was already modeling for men’s magazines until her appearance in Big Brother catapulted her popularity not just among men. Offers came in after her exit in Big Bro including regular appearances in Zoo and Ralph magazines as well as landing the coveted cover of FHM.

Her TV appearances also continued especially after her 2006 Big Brother success. She also appeared, again as a contestant in the 2007 season of the Australian reality show It Takes Two (– So not just photogenic but telegenic too eh?)

Krsytal’s acting career also flourished shortly on the big screen. She went to Hollywood and pursued a mini movie career until in 2010 she came back to Australia relocating in Melbourne.


Brief Music Career

In November of the year 2010, Krystal reported to Herald Sun about her girl group called “Video Girl” saying that they were organizing a show to perform at several gigs. She also said that the group had already recorded their debut album and that she would be DJ-ing and singing. Her band was supposed to release its music in 2011 but sadly, Krystal’s brief career in the music industry had been cut short.


Krystal Forscutt – Gym Fitness Trainer And Manager

Krystal ForscuttKrystal would always bounce back of course (no pun on ‘bounce’ intended, really). She may have not gotten so famous in the movies and music scene, but this one sexy of a body can put it to real use. Her extremely fit body is now a personal fitness trainer in the Newlife Health Club gym in Caringbah, New South Wales and most of all, Krystal Forscutt is its impressive, powerful, and brainy (not just busty) manager.