Born on the 12th of July, 1986 in New South Wales, Krystal Forscutt is the next big thing in Australia’s celebrity list. She is a model based in Australia and got on her way to stardom when she became a contestant in the world famous reality TV show, Big Brother. Aside from modeling, and becoming a house mate in the Big Brother house, she is also a Personal Fitness Trainer. After coming out from the Big Brother House, a lot of TV and commercial projects are being offered to her.


Krystal Forscutt As A Reality TV Star

This young model became popular when she became one of the contestants of the Australian Big Brother Franchise in 2006. Aside from Big Brother, she also became a part of the Australian Reality TV show, “It Takes Two”. Seeing her on TV made people notice her talent in acting. Many TV shows are being offered to her because of her potential in acting. Her beautiful face matches the talent that people want to see on TV.


Modeling As A Career

Krystal ForscuttAside from the TV roles that she is being offered with, Forscutt also appeared on several issues of men’s magazines in Australia. Her career blossomed as she appeared in a video game, making her the very first Australian to play a character in a video game. The makers of the video game first saw her during a bikini photo shoot for a magazine. They were stunned by her beauty and perfect body that is why they decided to create a character for her as the starting girl in the car racing video game.


More Acting For Krystal Forscutt

January of 2008 became a big break for this young actress as she became a regular guest on a local TV show. She also appeared in another TV series in October of the same year. Come May 2009, an Australian Country Music icon, decided to have her in his music video. After all of those big breaks, Forscutt made her way to stardom up to Hollywood. She stayed in Melbourne last 2010 to relocate there. On July 29, 2010, another TV appearance was given to Krystal.


Singing Her Heart Out

Krystal ForscuttShe ventured into the music industry in the year 2010 saying she has a girl group named Video Girl. She told the press that her group already recorded their first album and were already scheduling shows and gigs. Krystal is the DJ of the group but she also told the press that she would also do her part in singing. 2011 would be such a memorable year for her band but the group had been cut short.

All these and more are what happened to the career of Forscutt. She is such a talented beauty who wants to become a star of the century by doing many things that only few people can achieve. Knowing that her stardom would not be permanent, she moved back to her hometown, Sydney and decided to run her own fitness gym where Krystal Forscutt works as a Fitness Trainer.